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types of roman shades

Types of Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular dressing for windows. Interior design trends change by the day but roman shades remain timeless. If your goal is to soften a stark window or create a bright pop of color, the roman shade will work perfectly. So, let’s take a look at some of the different types of roman shades.

Types of Roman Shadestypes of roman shades

This post highlights the different types of roman shades to help you determine which styles best suit your home décor. It features everything from flat roman shades to London roman shades and balloon shades.

Flat Roman Shades

Flat shades are not only simple but also elegant. They can easily create a casual or traditional look in your room, depending on the type of fabric you choose. The flat roman shade features numerous folds, stacked along the bottom when fully raised. The folds are tidy and neat, giving the roman shades a structured and tailored look. It’s a good option if you like big and bold patterns. Although to keep these clean and odor-free from smoke, you should maintain them properly along with other parts of your home such as upholstery and more. In the worst case scenario if your belongings have been damaged by smoke, be sure to take additional steps. 

Relaxed Roman Shades

If you prefer the “casual chic” style and design, relaxed roman shades are a good bet. When raised, the sides of a relaxed roman shade come up and the fabric folds down longer in the middle, forming a curved shape that resembles a smile. These shades create a comfortable mood and they’re often used in less formal areas like a den, bedroom and kitchen. They create an atmosphere with a soft finish, which makes them ideal for nurseries.

London Roman Shades

These are similar to relaxed shades but they have two pleats on each side. They also create a casual feel, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Consider using them in places where it won’t be raised or lowered daily as dressing London roman shades can be a little time-consuming.

Banded and Greek Key Shades

Banded or Greek key shades are a hot new trend. Here, a contrast fabric, a pretty tape trim or grosgrain ribbon is placed along the sides and/or bottom of the shade. The trim can be run directly down the edges or inset. You also have the option of banding one, two or three sides.

Balloon Shades

The balloon shade can add either a formal or casual look to your window and does well in bedrooms. This shade style is ideal if you won’t be raising or lowering the shade often. This style also works well with softer fabrics and typically takes time to dress.

Hobbled Roman Shades

A hobbled shade is great for those seeking a unique design statement. This shade results in nice, soft and amazing waterfall-like folds that look amazing. As you raise the shade, the fabric stacks up at the bottom, creating a tailored look featuring neat folds that look like flat roman shades.

Bottom Line

Understanding the different types of roman shades makes it easier to make a more informed choice for your space. Whichever style you settle for, the roman shade will make a design statement and beautify your windows for years, while keeping the heat out of your mouth. If you’re not sure which design best suits your home, be sure to talk to an interior design professional for some tips and advice on making the right choice.

How to Clean Smoke Stained Blinds

Smoking indoors can cause your blinds to be stained. If you notice a yellow film left behind by tobacco smoke, it’s best to clean the blinds as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Here are a few tips on how to clean smoke stained blinds.

How to Clean Smoke Stained Blinds

Step 1

Extend the blinds to their full length by pulling the blind string and close the blinds completely using the dowel on the side of the blinds. This will help to ensure the How to Clean Smoke Stained Blindsblind slats stay in position when you lay the blinds flat on the ground.

Step 2

Detach the blinds from the fixtures at the top of the window and lay them on the floor. You may want to lay old newspapers or bed sheets to protect the floor from dust or moisture dripping from the blinds. Alternatively, lay the blinds outdoors on a cement floor.

Step 3

Mix two tsp. of table salt into a bucket filled with two pints of cold water. You may also add some deodorizer to the cleaning solution to remove smoke odors if necessary. Dip a paper towel into the mixture and squeeze out the liquid to prevent it from dripping. You may use a soft-bristle brush dipped in the solution to scrub stains that prove difficult to remove.

Step 4

Using the damp paper towel, wipe each blind individually, while taking care not to bend the slats. Start from the top and work methodically to ensure you’ve cleaned every single blind. Depending on the thickness of the stains, you may have to rinse the paper towel and wipe the blinds several times until they’re clean.

Step 5

Wipe the wet blinds dry with clean and dry paper towels. If you’ve laid the blinds outdoors, there’s no harm in letting them air dry under the sun.

Step 6

Turn over the blinds and lay them on the ground so you can clean the opposite side. Perform the same cleaning procedure on the alternate side using a clean and How to Clean Smoke Stained Blindsdampened paper towel and dry the blinds in the same manner as before. Re-check the other side of the blinds in case it may have gotten wet again and dry it as well. Use a large dry towel to wipe the blind, if preferable.

Step 7

Once the blinds are completely dry, lift them from the floor and insert them back into position using the fixtures at the top of your window. Check that the blinds are working correctly by opening and closing them as you usually would.

If you’re dealing with vertical blinds, its best to clean them while hanging to prevent damage to the material. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a commercial cleaning solution. By following the steps above, you now know how to clean smoke stained blinds. Which allows you to restore the blinds to their original state and color cost-effectively.

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