The main challenge associated with fire damage is extracting the smoke from the wood. Being a porous material naturally, odors and soot are likely to permeate the surface and the smell smoke, especially after a fire. Therefore, it requires a highly aggressive method of cleaning and deodorizing. Below are some steps on how to clean smoke damage from wood.

How Clean Smoke Damage from Wood

Finished Wood or Unfinished Wood?

There are two main types of wood which professional restorers have tasked with cleaning. Each of them requires procedures and specific products especially when it comes to the removal of soot. They include:

  • For Finished Wood:
    • These are types of wood covered with either varnish or sealer. Many of the wood furniture include dressers, tables, desks, railings, cabinets etc. Cleaning soot damage on these types of surface may involve a cleaning agent who will work on the wood grain where they suspend soil for easier removal.
  • For Unfinished Wood:How Clean Smoke Damage from Wood
    • This one has neither varnish nor a sealer. It is more exposed to damage of smoke odors and soot stains. The unfinished wood may include structural wood, cabinets, and the inside of drawers. Since unfinished wood is highly prone to water stains, Titan Restoration recommends taking care needs to be taken during restoration and cleaning efforts. Therefore, here is how to clean smoke damage from wood.

Test it Out

First of all, you need to test in order to tell whether baking soda will be effective and it is not likely to damage your wood surface. Therefore, you need to place just a pinch of baking soda at the corner of the wooden furniture and allow it to completely be absorbed before vacuuming.

Have it Spread Around

If the furniture is not damaged, you can spread the baking soda on the entire surface. You can allow it to soak for a duration of one hour and then vacuum it. This is a remedy to rid the wood of the smoke smell.

Start Scrubbing

Look for a cleaning solution such as oil soap and have it dabbed on a sponge. Rub the wooden surface in a circular motion instead of scrubbing on an up and down motion. This ensures the wood finish is not damaged during the scrubbing process. Once you are through, you can now dry the furniture indoors. If it is placed on outdoors, it is likely to warp.

Get Rid of Residue

By this step, your wood should be regaining its normal appearance. You can make use of citrus wood cleaner in order to get rid of any residue that it left over. Apply cleaner on the affected surface one more time, and rub gently in circular motion to make sure the surface is not damaged.

Other Alternatives

In case baking soda damages your wood, you can still embrace other alternatives such as charcoal or coffee grounds. You only need an absorbent substance that will remove the smoke smell and other stains. Test these items to be assured that they are not going to damage your furniture.

Fire damage can be very challenging and the affects it can have on your home is tremendous. Therefore, you need to think about how to clean smoke damage from wood.