Bed bugs are nasty pests. They don’t only have a stinging and painful bite, but are also known to be bloodsuckers and can spread diseases and make the surroundings unclean. The main problem with bed bugs is that they are discreet and identifying them could be a problem. Once they get into the house, they can literally take over your entire home. Therefore, it’s important to know how to prepare for exterminator for bed bugs when you’re looking to put an end to these critters from infesting your home.

How to Prepare for Exterminator for Bed Bugs

You should remove thingsHow to Prepare for Exterminator for Bed Bugs and items from your living space, know of the things to do post-extermination, unplug all of your electronics and empty any bookshelves.

Remove Things From Living Space

Before the extermination process, ensure that all the fixtures, mattresses, linens, clothing and other such things are removed from the living space. This should also include any kind of textile material that are washable using conventional washing machines. You must ensure that mattress covers, pillows, and other such things must be totally dry-cleaned. The fabric that is stored should also be collected. The bedding and other clothing and fabrics should also be thoroughly cleaned because they may have come in contact with bed bugs. Always use hot water because it kills even the largest sized bed bugs. Bed bugs are extremely sensitive to hot water and die within a few seconds.  

Things To Do Post-Washing

Once the washing has been done, you must be sure that you place the items in storage bags or bins. The bags should be sealed as much as possible because this will prevent bugs from hiding and entering the clean fabrics. You must empty closets in the room or rooms where you have come across bed bugs. It could also have been found on linens, fabrics, towels, etc. The exterminator that you use should have access to these spaces.

Unplug Electronic Devices

All the electronic devices that are used in the rooms have to be unplugged before starting the extermination process. This will make sure that the area is quite well accessible for the technicians and professionals who are out there to help you with the entire extermination process. You also should be sure that the floors are vacuumed, nooks and crannies are cleaned, carpets are vacuumed and much more. You could also use steam cleaning if possible for rugs and floors, cushions, couches, and other such fixtures and fittings.

Bookshelves and Others

It is also important for you to empty wooden bookshelves, nightstands, dressers, desks and other such places. Bed bugs have a tendency to take refuge between wooden furniture boards, crevices, and cracks. You should pay special attention to coffee tables, bed frames, television stands, box springs, and photo frames. Always make sure that you leave the place empty for 2 to 3 hours once the extermination process and treatment has been completed. The mattresses, sofas and other such things should be dry before you put them back to their respective places.

The Final Word

Letting one bed bug in your home could happen just like that, but you should know the answers to the question of how to prepare for an exterminator for bed bugs if you are really keen on the best results. These are stubborn and pesky pests and also have the capacity of reproducing by the thousands. This is why it should be your priority to get rid of these pests as soon as possible — inside and outside of your home.